I BYOBC.... I Bring My Own Bolt Cutters

The One With The Padlock

I have a “May Poppins Bag” that I take with me to every wedding. It has emergency essentials like bobby pins, duct tape, super glue, a sewing kit, etc. My bag has grown from a make-shift diaper bag to a full blown bag with small bags inside.

Once upon a time, I did this beautiful wedding at church and the reception was at a very quaint barn venue. The bride and groom had hired all their vendors and had me come in for the day-of coordinating. The caterer had brought with them a mobile refrigerator unit to keep the food and beverages cold.

I was just starting to take my deep sigh of relief that all guests had transitioned from the ceremony site to the reception site with no issues. The bridal party had arrived and had unloaded off the party bus and gone straight to the bar. The bride came running to me and said the most terrifying words that could ever be spoken at a cocktail hour, “The bartenders have locked themselves outside of the cooler and can’t get to the drinks… they can’t get to the alcohol!" The mobile freezer trailer had come with a padlock and a key. The last bartender had put the padlock on backwards and we could not get the key into the hole to unlock the padlock.

There were roughly 300 people at this reception, we were 15 minutes into cocktail hour, and there was roughly $1,800 worth of beverages locked in a steel locked box. Awesome.

The natives were starting to get thirsty and restless. My clever distractions of large group photos were starting to run out. Then it happened! At that exact moment, I would have sworn this man’s name was Fabio and moving in slow motion like in the movies… but in reality he was a dairy farmer from across the road carrying bolt cutters running towards me. He saved the day!

My “Mary Poppins Bag” grew that day. I still carry bobby pins, duct tape, zippy ties, and safety pins… but I also leave a pair of bolt cutters in my car… just in case.